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BEAM in Kochi

Posted on 2015-02-07 17:39:08 .

Cathy Lane’s installation BEAM opens in Kochi in Kerala India on Sunday 8th February. The installation, created together with students from the Srishti media school in Bangalore, explores the lighthouses and maritime life of Kochi, through interviews with lighthouse keepers, field recordings and other found sounds. Sounds are mixed in the space according to real time AIS shipping data using custom software I developed for the piece, which allows the artists to assign sounds to different categories of shipping. the software tracks local shipping in real time and updates the mix according to the distances of ships from the local lighthouses as well as other data. The exhibition runs till 18th February at the Artry Gallery, Kochi and is satellite event of the Kochi Bienale.

Bird:Cage at ICA

Posted on 2015-02-07 17:30:57 .

My installation Bird Cage was featured as part of the Parallax05 event at the ICA on 7th Feb. The event aimed to unite “irreconcilable” musical approaches in a single concert and featured installations, improvisations and composed works in and around the theatre space in the ICA, featuring music from composers such as Ed Jesson, Paul Newland, Gwyn Pritchard and Sam Hayden. It was organised by the composition and research departments of Trinity Laban Conservatoire.
Bird:Cage, originally created for the John Cage festival Out of the Cage in 2012, features a single partial of the voice of John Cage, presented as a chirping speaker cone in a bird cage and is a kind of forerunner to my installation Significant Birds. At the ICA it was presented in the entrance to the concert and merged into the performance through a new sound clip revealing the source of the sound through the gradual transformation of an increasing number of electronic virtual birds into the recognisable sound of Cage reading his famous Lecture on Nothing.

Exploded Sound and Significant Birds paper

Posted on 2015-02-07 17:17:33 .

I have written a paper describing in detail the technical and aesthetic processes adopted in the Exploded Sound and Significant Birds installations. The paper appears in the current issue of the online sound arts journal Divergence Press and can be found here.
In it I discuss technical aspects of my approach to spatialising individual partials of complex sounds, alongside the aesthetic aims, describing the research process and some conclusions that have been drawn from experiencing the works in situ. The discussion locates the work within my wider research on navigable sonic structures.
The issue, edited by Eric Lyon, is devoted to approaches to novel approaches to sound spatialisation and also features a paper on the ZKM Klangdom, for which I am currently composing a new piece, growing out of a month long residency in Karlsruhe last summer.

Sculpting Motion

Posted on 2015-01-16 09:21:15 .

Madi Boyd’s new solo show opens tomorrow, 17th January, with a private view from 2 – 4pm and thereafter each Saturday from 12 – 4pm. The show features two large installation works, The Point of Perception and Projective Distortions, in which moving image is combined with sculptural objects in intriguing ways, playing with our perception of movement and form. I have designed the sound for both pieces which interact sonically to create an immersive environment to complement the play of light in the space. The show is at the Gerald Moore Gallery in the grounds of Eltham College on Mottingham Lane, London, SE9 4RW until the 28th February. The exhibition is co-curated by Art x Neuroscience (AXNS) and you can find more about the exhibition on their website.

ILLUSION moves to Charlotte

Posted on 2015-01-16 08:42:03 .

The Dublin Science Gallery’s touring exhibition ILLUSION will open in Charlotte, North Carolina on 3rd February. The exhibition features my installation Significant Birds, in which spoken word (a reading from Helmholtz) is disassembled into individual partials presented on little speakers in bird cages. The exhibition also includes a version of Madi Boyd’s The Point of Perception, for which I designed the sound (and which can currently also be seen in the Gerald Moore Gallery in Eltham).
The exhibition at the Discovery Place will be on until May 10th and follows a long run at the Reuben Fleet Science centre in San Diego. All pieces in the exhibition focus on forms of illusion, playing with and interrogating our perception. There is more about Significant Birds here.