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Sculpting Motion

Posted on 2015-01-16 09:21:15 .

Madi Boyd’s new solo show opens tomorrow, 17th January, with a private view from 2 – 4pm and thereafter each Saturday from 12 – 4pm. The show features two large installation works, The Point of Perception and Projective Distortions, in which moving image is combined with sculptural objects in intriguing ways, playing with our perception of movement and form. I have designed the sound for both pieces which interact sonically to create an immersive environment to complement the play of light in the space. The show is at the Gerald Moore Gallery in the grounds of Eltham College on Mottingham Lane, London, SE9 4RW until the 28th February. The exhibition is co-curated by Art x Neuroscience (AXNS) and you can find more about the exhibition on their website.

ILLUSION moves to Charlotte

Posted on 2015-01-16 08:42:03 .

The Dublin Science Gallery’s touring exhibition ILLUSION will open in Charlotte, North Carolina on 3rd February. The exhibition features my installation Significant Birds as well as Madi Boyd’s The Point of Perception, for which I designed the sound. The exhibition at the Discovery Place will be on until May 10th and follows a long run at the Reuben Fleet Science centre in San Diego. All pieces in the exhibition focus on forms of illusion, playing with and interrogating our perception. There is more about Significant Birds here.

Kinetica Art Fair 2014

Posted on 2014-10-18 12:37:54 .

I have recently created a soundtrack for Madi Boyd‘s new installation Projective Distortions which can be seen at a the Kinetica Art Fair all this weekend. This is the first stage in her research project the Fickle Screen and consists of semi-abstract video projected onto rotating sculptural screens.
The show is on Saturday 18 October: 11am – 8pm and Sunday 19 October: 11am – 6pm at the Old Truman Brewery, Ely’s Yard entrance, 15 Hanbury St London, E1 6QR. Details of Kinetica can be found here and a promotional video can be seen here.

Ludus at Colourscape

Posted on 2014-09-08 20:01:37 .

On Saturday September 13th the 25th Colourscape music festival will kick off with my piece Ludus which was their Rawsthorne Commission for 2009. Billed as Round 3 (Rounds 1 and 2 were performed in Clapham 2009 and Turku 2011) this vast musical game pits the Apollo Saxophone Quartet (veterans of 2009) against newcomers the Kaleidoscope Quartet! Ludus was created especially for Colourscape and treats the amazing structure as a giant board game. Players’ movements through the space are controlled by the throw of dice (usually by unwitting audience members) and the music is shaped by the colours the players land in according to rules of performance and computer processing which is controlled by wireless colour sensors. The central “performance space” is transformed into a games room and is particularly popular with families. Its a great day out and performances run from 1 – 5pm. For a taster you can watch the video of the 2009 performance here and you can download a full brochure for the colourscape festival from their website here.
Some of my suite The Seasons, an old Colourscape favorite will also be performed at the grand 25th birthday bash on the following Saturday 20th September.

ZKM Residency

Posted on 2014-09-08 20:00:38 .

I’ve just returned from a month-long residency at ZKM the extraordinary centre for media arts and technology in Karlsruhe. I was there to continue my research around exploded sounds, the spatialisation of individual partials, which forms the basis of my installations The Exploded Sound and Significant Birds. I wanted to find ways of using these techniques in a more concert-oriented context. The installations rely on the ability of the listener to move around hearing sounds from different perspectives. My stay at ZKM offered me the opportunity of adapting the techniques to work with their Zirkonium software and 43-speaker sound dome.
I will post a full report shortly.

Oxford Handbook of Interactive Audio

Posted on 2014-05-09 09:45:52 .

The Oxford Handbook of Interactive Audio has recently been published, containing my chapter Navigating Sound,
Locative and Translocational Approaches to Interactive Audio
. The chapter grew out of work I did with locative media (GPS enabled smartphones) at the Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts at Middlesex University some years ago, in particular the locative drama Scratch which we made with the BBC and writer Penelope Skinner. The chapter explores the notion of a form of embodied interaction in which the listener navigates a virtual aural landscape built up around their starting location by the application. I discuss the precedents for this form of interaction, in which a temporal experience is created through spatial exploration, in developments in the 1950s musical avant-garde and the increasing dominance of a view of music (in particular) in which the listener is an explorer of a landscape rather than a passive observer. This draws on Johnson and Larson’s identification of two conceptual metaphors for music, one in which music flows past a stationary listener and the other in which the listener moves through a musical landscape.

Significant Birds in San Diego

Posted on 2014-04-09 11:14:56 .

My installation Significant Birds is now touring with the exhibition ILLUSION originally created for the Science Gallery in Dublin. The installation consists of 12 bird cages with small speakers which emit fluctuating sine waves that sound like bird song. Collectively however they add up to discernible human speech, a text taken from Helmholtz’ On the Sensation of Tone. You can find more details of the piece here. the exhibition also features Madi Boyd’s The Point of Perception for which I made the sound.
The ILLUSION exhibition is currently at the Reuben Fleet Science Center in San Diego and runs until the 15th of January. The tour will continue to North Carolina in 2015 – watch this space for further dates.

Guiding Lights at the Maritime Museum

Posted on 2014-04-01 11:55:56 .

Following the success of last year’s Visions of the Universe exhibition my digital composition class at Trinity Laban Conservatoire has again provided the soundtrack to a new exhibition at the National Maritime Museum. Guiding Lights covers the work of Trinity House, the centre that coordinates the UKs lighthouses and Maritime safety. The Exhibition runs until January 2016.