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Bird:Cage at ICA

My installation Bird Cage was featured as part of the Parallax05 event at the ICA on 7th Feb. The event aimed to unite “irreconcilable” musical approaches in a single concert and featured installations, improvisations and composed works in and around the theatre space in the ICA, featuring music from composers such as Ed Jesson, Paul Newland, Gwyn Pritchard and Sam Hayden. It was organised by the composition and research departments of Trinity Laban Conservatoire.
Bird:Cage, originally created for the John Cage festival Out of the Cage in 2012, features a single partial of the voice of John Cage, presented as a chirping speaker cone in a bird cage and is a kind of forerunner to my installation Significant Birds. At the ICA it was presented in the entrance to the concert and merged into the performance through a new sound clip revealing the source of the sound through the gradual transformation of an increasing number of electronic virtual birds into the recognisable sound of Cage reading his famous Lecture on Nothing.

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