Nye Parry

contemporary sound and music

While much of my work deals with the experience of sound and music in specific locations or unusual performance environments I am still interested in the concert hall as a site for focussed attention on the work and on live performers. In recent years much of my writing for concert performance has been linked to my involvement with Balinese Gamelan including two pieces for the LSO St Lukes community gamelan and members of the LSO, which you will find on the Gamelan page. I have also written for the Decibel ensemble with live electronics (Cutting Edge 2005) and am currently developing a new project for the Ensemble Scordatura.
The pieces in the players on this page are older and presented complete as I never got around to releasing them in any form. They are acousmatic works (no live performers, intended for concert diffusion) from the 90s but I am still very fond of them.
First up there is Grand Junction from 1994, which uses sounds from the Kew Bridge Steam museum and can be seen as a precursor to the Living Steam installation. The piece did the usual acousmatic rounds, winning 2nd prize in the one off Barry Anderson/BBC competition, a mention at bourges, various festival outings including Futura96, KlangArt97 and a special performance and broadcast on France Musique to mark the 50th anniversary of Musique Concrète in 1998.
The second is Spring from 1998, a 15 minute section from the hour long cycle of Seasons which explored various formal processes of symmetry across four related works in a generally subdued and impressionistic vein. The Seasons was broadcast in full on the Hessischer Rundfunk in Germany and in part on BBC Radio 3 (Hear and Now). The Summer and Winter sections were originally developed for the Charles Linehan dance Company and Dance Umbrella, before being subsumed into the bigger project. Various sections have had performances in the UK, Canda, France and America.