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Exploded Sound video

A short video of our Exploded Sound tests at LCC this week has gone up on YouTube. It gives quite a good idea of the experience of the piece (one of a number of versions we tried) in which three string chords are analysed and reduced to 32 sine waves, each of which is given a separate location through an individual loudspeaker. From outside the structure the chord is experienced as a whole. By wandering among the speakers individual fragments are heard surrounding the listener who experiences the sound from the inside. In this example three chords alternate through the gradual substitution of partials, so different combinations are heard at each moment. We also had fun with some choral sounds and analysed speech samples which had a very dramatic effect. I have uploaded a brief example of the speech onto soundcloud so you can play it by clicking on the play button below. The recording was made by walking among the speakers with the mic to reveal different perspectives (not available on iToys, sorry).

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