Nye Parry

contemporary sound and music

One of my great enthusiasms is for the music of Indonesia and I have been playing Gamelan since my student days at York, switching from Javanese to Balinese varieties in the mid nineties. I am a founder member of the London based Gong Kebyar Lilacita with whom I have given many performances around the UK and memorably at the Bali Arts Festival in Denpasar in 2006. I have played Gamelan various TV shows inluding Bjork’s unplugged set on MTV and recently on Zingzillas.
While I still view Gamelan as a (serious) hobby it has become fused with my working life through a number of commissions for music and the interest of various students including an AHRC funded PhD candidate who is working on Gamelan structures in electroacoustic and algorithmic composition. This page features some of my own compositions involving Balinese Gamelan including one of two commissions from the LSO Discovery programme for their Community Gamelan and members of the LSO.

Artaud Film

Posted on 2011-12-12 18:41:23 .

The little film I scored for artist Jeremy Millar and dancers Ni Made Pujawati and Ash Mukherjee last year has now been edited and has appeared on the SEA Arts YouTube channel.
The film is an interpretation in dance of Antonin Artaud’s discovery of Balinese theatre at the Exposition Coloniale Internationale in 1931 which led to many of the ideas put forward in his seminal text The Theatre and its Double. The film is a first step in a larger project looking at western engagement with Indonesian Arts through Balinese Dance and Theatre.

On Bunhill Row

Posted on 2011-12-31 13:53:23 .

On Bunhill Row was commissioned by LSO Discovery in 2009 and features Harp, Flute and Viola. Inspired by the Debussy trio, it was commissioned to coincide with a festival exploring the influence of eastern music on French composers at the end of the 19th Century. This is a short extract of the first performance, featuring Laura Holt on Viola, Pat Morris on Flute and Hugh Webb on Harp alongside the LSO Community Gamelan group for whom it was written.
A second performance with Simon Desorgher (flute), Nic Pendlebury (Viola) and Serafina Steer (Harp) and LilaCita took place at the Colourscape festival on Clapham Common in 2010.

Tabuh LilaCita

Posted on 2012-01-03 13:29:32 .

Tabu Lilacita was composed for the UK Gamelan ensemble LilaCita and was commissioned as a gift to the group as a celebration of the marriage of two of its members. It has been performed on numerous occasions since 2003 including LSO St Lukes, ROH, Newbury Festival, Colourscape Festival, PKB Denpasar and GEOKS, Singapadu in Bali 2006 where this recording was made.