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Kingswood Symphony

The Kingswood Symphony was a collaboration with my friend Matthew King with whom I had already done some work on an Opera on Brunel (it got as far as a BBC Radio 4 documentary but is still incomplete and teasing us with its potential). Matthew was commissioned to produce a piece for Kingswood in Kent which is run as an open air arts venue by Stour Valley Arts. He wanted to use electronics and approached me. The piece involved chains of Horn players calling out to each other across the space with electroacoustic transformations. Both audience and players have walking routes through the forest and come together in a valley for a grand finale. The first performance featured the most amazing thunder storm causing the event to be restaged a few months later! A second related work, the Kingswood Quintet was premiered in Wigmore Hall. Here the electronics serves to recreate the sense of depth and distance of the outdoor performance.

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