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Ludus at Colourscape

On Saturday September 13th the 25th Colourscape music festival will kick off with my piece Ludus which was their Rawsthorne Commission for 2009. Billed as Round 3 (Rounds 1 and 2 were performed in Clapham 2009 and Turku 2011) this vast musical game pits the Apollo Saxophone Quartet (veterans of 2009) against newcomers the Kaleidoscope Quartet! Ludus was created especially for Colourscape and treats the amazing structure as a giant board game. Players’ movements through the space are controlled by the throw of dice (usually by unwitting audience members) and the music is shaped by the colours the players land in according to rules of performance and computer processing which is controlled by wireless colour sensors. The central “performance space” is transformed into a games room and is particularly popular with families. Its a great day out and performances run from 1 – 5pm. For a taster you can watch the video of the 2009 performance here and you can download a full brochure for the colourscape festival from their website here.
Some of my suite The Seasons, an old Colourscape favorite will also be performed at the grand 25th birthday bash on the following Saturday 20th September.

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