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Oxford Handbook of Interactive Audio

The Oxford Handbook of Interactive Audio has recently been published, containing my chapter Navigating Sound,
Locative and Translocational Approaches to Interactive Audio
. The chapter grew out of work I did with locative media (GPS enabled smartphones) at the Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts at Middlesex University some years ago, in particular the locative drama Scratch which we made with the BBC and writer Penelope Skinner. The chapter explores the notion of a form of embodied interaction in which the listener navigates a virtual aural landscape built up around their starting location by the application. I discuss the precedents for this form of interaction, in which a temporal experience is created through spatial exploration, in developments in the 1950s musical avant-garde and the increasing dominance of a view of music (in particular) in which the listener is an explorer of a landscape rather than a passive observer. This draws on Johnson and Larson’s identification of two conceptual metaphors for music, one in which music flows past a stationary listener and the other in which the listener moves through a musical landscape.

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