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Significant Birds

Significant Birds was created for the ILLUSION exhibition at the Science Gallery in Dublin in 2013. The Gallery specialises in shows that use art to illustrate, comment on or otherwise deal with scientific ideas, and ILLUSION looks at how we can learn about perception through (mostly visual) illusions. I took the principle behind my Exploded Sound installation to create an audio illusion in which a spoken text is broken down into individual harmonics which chirp away in 12 bird cages – the listener hears them drift in and out of phase. As they coalesce it is impossible not to hear the voice although no individual speaker contains any more than a single fluctuating pure tone (like the chirping of a bird – the bird imagery extends my piece Bird:Cage).

There are a couple of interviews with me online here:

and here:
(this one is a little stilted at first because they had just persuaded me to demonstrate some vocal harmonics on camera so I’m trying to express myself in a way that will make that feel natural :-) )

Significant Birds will tour the USA and Canada from May 2014 – watch the home page for details!

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