Nye Parry

contemporary sound and music

For a number of years I worked as a C programmer in educational software and arcade games. From 1989 to 1992 I developed control and interface software for fruit machines at Electrocoin Automatics Ltd. and Brunel Research Ltd. During this period I also developed the graphical user interface for the Imp music sequencer for IMPAC Resources Ltd, running on Research Machines Nimbus computers and went on to develop the Melody Train software, a popular aural and composition game for the same platform. As a result of this work I was contracted by the Inner London Education Computing Center to port their Nimbus graphics library to the PC platform. This involved extensive low level programming in 8086 assembler as well as C.
Nowadays I mostly develop applications for my own work in Max/MSP, such as the quite complex control software for The Memory Machine installation or the interactive elements of Ludus, although I occasionally take on programming for other sound artists’ projects such as Wajid Yaseen’s sound design for the Nic Sandiland / CandoCo installation 16 frames or Jean Martin’s sound for Richard Colson’s Image Recoder.
For the sheer joy of seeing a bit of technical gubbins actually work first time, I have illustrated this page with a video from the first test of the colour sensors used for Ludus in Colourscape. The sensors were built by Nic Sandiland and the programming was my own. The voice is Simon Desorgher (co-director of the Colourscape Festival) who is walking through the colours while I watch the sensor output on the screen.