Nye Parry

contemporary sound and music

A mainstay of my output has been work for contemporary choreographers in contexts ranging from touring theatrical productions to film and multimedia.
I have a close collaboration with Yael Flexer and her company (formerly Bedlam) and have worked with (among others) Charles Linehan, Colin Poole, Bi Ma, Raphael Bonacela and Mark Baldwin.
In the 90′s I got involved with the emerging digital dance scene, as composer in residence at Dance Umbrella’s Digital Dancing and as co-director (with Sue MacLennon and Bruno Martelli of Igloo) of the alt.dance summer school in Leeds. Most Bedlam productions have had installations and interactive work incorporated in them.
You may also like to click on the Grand Junction link on the right to see how Charles Linehan and the National Dance Theatre of Ireland interpreted a section of my composition Grand Junction, which can be heard in full on the concert page.

Artaud Film

Posted on 2011-12-12 18:41:23 .

The little film I scored for artist Jeremy Millar and dancers Ni Made Pujawati and Ash Mukherjee last year has now been edited and has appeared on the SEA Arts YouTube channel.
The film is an interpretation in dance of Antonin Artaud’s discovery of Balinese theatre at the Exposition Coloniale Internationale in 1931 which led to many of the ideas put forward in his seminal text The Theatre and its Double. The film is a first step in a larger project looking at western engagement with Indonesian Arts through Balinese Dance and Theatre.

The Living Room

Posted on 2011-03-12 16:30:53 .

This is a brief sampler from my latest production with Yael Flexer entitled The Living Room. This was a touring production for 2010 with performances in the UK and Israel and featured live Cello from Karni Postel and some additional music by Dougie Evans.
This is the second time I have worked with Karni. The first was in 2002 for the Bedlam production Slightly Less Flexible. The production toured alongside a selection of interactive exhibits by Nic Sandiland which also featured sound from the show.


Posted on 2011-03-12 15:38:00 .

This is a short dance film by the amazing aerial dance group Gravity and Levity which toured as part of their Taking Flight production alongside other films and live performences commissioned from a range of dance artists.
Choreography is by Yael Flexer and the performer is Lindsey Butcher. The film is by Jane Hodge. The piece grew out of a wider collaboration that included a big show at the Circus Space involving Bedlam Dance, Jamie Watton and circus students with more aerial work from Lindsey. There were also a couple of bizarre shows in the National Theatre foyer with dancers hanging off the concrete pillars and me playing lounge piano!

list of dance pieces:

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2011 Artaud dance film by Jeremy Millar, Ni Made Pujawati Ash Mukherjee and Mark Hobart
2010 The Living Room Yael Flexer Company UK/Isreal tour
2007 Doing, Done, Undone Bedlam Dance Co UK/Israel/Germany tour
2005 Shrink’d revised and extended UK tour
2004 Shrinkin’ Youth dance with Bedlam, Laban Centre/ GDA
2003 Shrink’d Bedlam Dance Co. Stratford Circus
2003 Grand Junction Charles Linehan, Dance Umbrella
2002 Slightly Less Flexible Bedlam Dance Co. Dance Umbrella 2002
2002 While I hold your Hand Intoto Dance Co. Linbury Studio, ROH
2001 Nowhere Better Than This Place Raphael Bonacela, Film, NFT, Lux
2001 Wallpaper (Revisited) Bedlam / Physical Recall / Circus Space
2001 Undone Scottish Dance Theatre, Dundee
2000 Flexible / Not So Flexible Dance Umbrella 2000
1999 Re-set Intoto Dance Co. Bloomsbury Theatre
1999 Wallpaper site specific dance NT foyer ch. Yael Flexer
1998 Seven 4D dance co. choreographer Yael Flexer
1998 Saturn (part 1) choreographer Colin Poole, Dec 98 GDA
1998 Flexible choreographer Yael Flexer / film Tony Purves, Jerwood Award Research, April 98
1997 In the third Person choreographer Yael Flexer, Bedlam dance co., Oct 97, Swindon
1997 No. 3 choreographer Yael Flexer, Bedlam dance co., Aug 97, Munich
1996 Symbiosis choreographer Colin Poole Dec 96, Chisenhale Dance Space
1996 Ever(Ready) ch: Yael Flexer (The Place June 96)
1996 Hamsters in Mirrorshades ch.Richard Lord (The Place Jan 96)
1996 Pelican choreographer Kate Willis (The Place Jan 96)
1995 The Two Seasons Scalectrix Co. (The Place Nov 95, Spring Loaded 96)
1994 Falling Light Scalectrix Co., (Mosaics Festival 94, Spring Loaded 95)
1993 Retrace the Defaced Bi Ma Dance Co. UK Tour March/April 1993