Nye Parry

contemporary sound and music

On this page you will find some links to some of my writing inluding a recent, article on the sound artist Peter Vogel, which appears on a DVD to accompany the first UK retrospective of his work in Brighton. The film is by Jean Martin and Conall Gleeson and there is a short excerpt of Vogel playing one of his Klangwand installations on this page. The DVD is published by WERGO and is available here. The article is also due to appear in German translation in Neue Zeitschrift Für Musik soon. In the links to the right there is also is a paper on the Memory Machine Installation, a short paper on the Locating Drama project presented at ISEA09 in Belfast and an article on sound art that was originally published in the SPNM newsletter New Notes. You will also find a copy of the written element of my PhD in Electroacoustic Composition from City University. Entitled Limits of Abstraction in Electroacoustic Music and drawing on diverse topics from art history to semiotics, it examines the relationship between electroacoustic sound and its real world origins through a discussion of my compositions and installations.