This is a page contains links to a selectionof of academic writing I have done on various aspects of sound art and music:

Limits of Abstraction in Electroacoustic Music – This is my PhD thesis (accompanying a portfolio of two hours of concert, installation and dance works). Some of it seems rather irrelevant to me now but there are some good bits, and it covers ideas published in two books from epos and a critique of Simon Emmerson’s Language Grid which he kindly invited me to present at EMS07.

The Memory Machine: Sound and Memory at the British Museum – This is a paper about an installation I made with Cathy Lane in 2003. It was published in Organised Sound vol. 10 no 2.

Peter Vogel: Contexts for a Journey through Time and Space – This article appears as an extra on a the DVD Peter Vogel: The Sound of Shadows and has appeared in German translation in Neue Zeitschrift Für Musik 2012(3). It explores some of the context around this amazing sound artist’s work in both art and music and reflects a some of my own concerns regarding spatial form and interaction.

Navigating Sound, Locative and Translocational approaches to Interactive Audio – Under the guise of a discussion of Loactive media, particularly using GPS (and growing out of the Locating Audio project) I managed to sneak a lot of ideas about spatial thought in the music of the 20th century avant garde into this chapter from the Oxford Handbook of Interactive Audio.

Exploded Sounds, Spatialised Partials in Two Recent Multi-channel Installations – This is a detailed description of the Exploded Sound and Significant Birds installations, covering both technical and aesthetic approaches.

Notation and the Work Concept in Conceptions of Sound Art and Music – This chapter appears in Colloquium: Sound Art and Music edited by Thomas Gardner, Salomé Voegelin (2016) and grows out of a live discussion on a panel of sound artists and composers, looking into the relationship between these two terms.