Walthamstow Soundscape

Where: Walthamstow High Street

When: 2020

I was commissioned to produce a soundscape for the entrance to the Mall on Walthamstow High Street market as part of a regeneration project by Matter Architecture.

The piece uses sounds from recording workshops in Epping Forest and Walthamstow Wetlands, in line with the overriding aim of the development, to draw on these two natural oases and bring them into the urban setting.

The piece follows on from some of the techniques I developed for the Digital Forest, isolating, layering and abstracting sounds from field recordings according to a set of rules that govern the temporal unfolding of the composition. In situ, the piece is continuous and non-repeating, and is spatialised over seven speakers and four actuators embedded in the structure of the Mall entrance.

A half hour stereo (binaural) rendition can be heard below: